Come hang out with us 12-14 August, 2016 at the General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia. Tickets are FREE, food will be provided, and we’ll bring the VR gear to get you excited! VR and urban sustainability experts will be in attendance to help teams brainstorm topics, ideas, and solutions for common problems.

No matter what kind of city you live in, chances are that it won’t look the same by 2050. Climate change, population growth and migration are just some of the big challenges that will affect the way our cities develop in the coming decades.

THE GOAL: Your team will create a virtual reality / augmented reality concept or prototype in response to one of the 10 challenges that will be presented to you on Day 1 (all challenges will somehow link to the theme “the places we live”). If it’s a compelling experience, we’ll showcase it in Ecuador as part of Habitat X Change.

For more info visit our website.