Competition will be fierce in this season of My Veggie Garden Rules. Four new contestants don their gumboots and pick up their gardening tools to battle for the title of MasterGrower 2050.

With your insightful science rock band, Ologism, we invite you to advise, inspire, and cheer on your favourite contestant as they plan how to negotiate searing temperatures, limited water supply, and tiny plots of arid soil to produce the greatest quantity and quality of edible crop. Who will lay claim to the veggie garden to rule them all!

Facilitator Dr Renee Beale, Creative Community Animator, Carlton Connect Initiative


  • Dr Chris Williams, Urban Horticulturalist, University of Melbourne
  • Dr David Sequeira, artist and Director, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA
  • Bonnie Shaw, Strategy Lead, Smart City Office, City of Melbourne
  • Belinda Smith, Online Editor, COSMOS Magazine
  • Ologism: Chris Krishna-Pillay, Darren Vogrig, Marty Lubran

The event is part of Absolutely Famished, a creative exploration of future food curated by Dr Renee Beale. Underpinned by scientific research, Absolutely Famished imagines the 22nd century marketplace.