There's a lot more to the science of wine that just the fermentation of grape sugars to produce alcohol.

Join our host, award winning wine maker David Lloyd, and research scientist Dr Mandy Webb, to discuss the latest scientific research about grape growth, colour and vine size, how soil can make or break a pinot noir and the role science plays in the wine industry.

Wine tasting and canapes included. Wine also available by the glass.

$30 adults
$25 concessions

This is a licensed event, all persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

About the Speakers
David Lloyd (BSc(Hons) 1977, DipEd 1978) is a wine lover whose hobby gradually turned into a thriving business. At University he took winemaking seriously, investigating the relationship between flavours and the science of winemaking. "[They] are really quite interrelated and you've got to start with great fruit and a great vineyard first. And that's how we ended up here chasing down perfect Pinot Noir," he says. Eldridge Estate is now internationally recognised and renowned for its excellent pinot noir wines.

Mandy Walker (BSc Hons 1984, PhD 1990) is an internationally recognised scientist with one common thread throughout her research career: colour! After a decade in Cambridge, UK studying colour and leaf hairs of a weed (it's really a model plant), she was lured back to Australia in 2000 to identify the master genes responsible for the most beautiful of colours, the red colours of grape berries. Along the way her research team also discovered similar genes in apples and cherries.