Science & Arts Colliding - New Approaches to communicating innovation
Carlton Connect 3rd Annual DICE lecture

6.30pm – 8pm
Tuesday 28 October 2014
Copland Theatre, The Spot Building
The University of Melbourne

Exploring the interactions between art and science through innovative approaches, Professor O’Neill will recount his experience with the wildly successful ‘Science Gallery’ in Dublin.

This interactive session will consider the potentials of bridging the gap between these often-disparate disciplines. Artists, designers and scientists have the opportunity to foster innovation together, and a new medium emerges for the wider community to interact and engage with new ideas. By offering this ‘public curation’ of research, the collision of art and science, initiatives like the Science Gallery assists in democratising the role of engagement as it relates to innovation; leading to new possibilities, new knowledge and new networks.

Free event, all welcome. For more information and to register

This event is presented by Carlton Connect Initiative, as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 2014.