Chocolate is delicious to eat – but how often do you consider the science behind it? This class will examine some of the science that goes into making chocolate (with plenty of tastings along the way!) You’ll use that scientific knowledge to make a work of art you can take home to show off to friends and family…or devour immediately.

This class will focus on one of chocolate’s key ingredients – cocoa butter. We will start by looking at the science of cocoa butter, and why chocolate must be ‘tempered’ before we can use it. There will be demonstrations, and plenty of tastings, and then you’ll put your new knowledge into practice and make your own chocolate centrepiece. If you can’t remember the last time you ‘studied’ science, fear not – this class will cater for everyone, with lots of references given so you can continue your learning, and scientists on hand to answer any questions.
Who will be teaching the class?

Chloë Miller is a scientist and lover of chocolate. Combining the two she has explored why chocolate behaves the way it does, and used her knowledge to sculpt chocolate centrepieces. When she’s not exercising to work off the large amount of chocolate she consumes, Chloë presents education programs for CSIRO Education, helps coordinate a science outreach program called In2science and volunteers for an organisation called S.A.I.L.

Tuesday 25th June
Little Mule Cafe, 19 Somerset Place, Melb.

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