33 million pets live in Australia’s 8 million homes. That’s 63% of our population. And while our changing lifestyles are making it more difficult for us to own pets, Australia still ranks as one of the highest pet owning populations in the world.

So how can we work towards a furry future?

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“My grand plan to save the planet is to have more responsibly owned pets. We need animals in our cities, our schools, and our workplaces. We need to make it easier for people to own pets. Pets help us to feel better about our lives, and when we feel better about our lives, we feel more motivated to do great things for our community.”

As a psychologist, Pauleen believes that pets add something profoundly important and positive to human lives and help to improve the quality of life of many Australians including the aged, the unwell and the socially disadvantaged.

Dr Pauleen Bennett is the Executive director for the Australian Anthrozoology Research Foundation, the President of the International Society for Anthrozoology and an Associate Professor and Director of Regional Operations for the School of Psychological Science, Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering, at La Trobe University.

Dr Tim Adams is the National Director for the Petcare Information and Advisory Service and is a qualified veterinarian.