Science as Nature didn't intend! “A band that plays a great show . . .”

Ologism is Australia’s favourite science rock show, featuring original rock music and science demonstrations live on stage. The Ologism team have worked together since 2003 and is well-known for innovative and energetic explorations of complex issues of science, technology and engineering.

Great music and great demonstrations are the hallmarks of Ologism and this has seen them ply their trade in theatres, schools, laneways, halls, cafes, on the back of a truck and on a radio telescope.

“ . . . unique combination of emerging scientific knowledge with quirky experiments and catchy rock beats makes for an engaging show . . . ★★★★★ “

Ologism has exposed air showers, looked for lost bees and revealed the cyber nose. They have fallen in love with spuds, been angry with ants and searched for the island of stability, and they’re not done yet.