The rising of a cake has long been used as an analogy for the expanding universe, and now Chris is bringing in other dishes to stretch that metaphor to all corners of the cosmos, including multiple universes and the mystery of dark energy. And where the metaphor doesn’t quite stretch, he uses humour to paper over the cracks.

Along the way he exposes secrets of both astronomy and gastronomy, such as why the Big Bang was originally mistaken for pigeons pooing, why NASA fakes the colours in their galaxy photos, and why you can’t use
baking soda when the recipe calls for baking powder.

“It’s a show for those who love science,” says Chris. “And also for those who hate science but love dessert.”

Writer and performer Chris Lassig has no professional cooking qualifications, but he does have a PhD in theoretical particle physics. He currently works as a science communicator and is a presenter on Lost in Science on 3CR community radio. He also delivers popular classes on Higgs bosons and time travel, as well as cosmology, at Melbourne’s Laneway Learning.

The show is directed by Melbourne Fringe Festival veteran Ben McKenzie. Known as “geek comedy’s patron saint”, Ben brings a polish to the show with his expertise in theatre, stand-up, television, radio and being a ginger.

Kitchen Cosmology

The Tuxedo Cat - The Jackal 17 - 23 Wills St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

DATES: 17-20, 22-23 and 25-28 Sept TIME: 6.00pm (50min)

Full: $25
Concession: $20
Tightarse Tuesday: $20
Group: $16

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