The immune system plays a very important role in defending the body from germs and maintaining individual’s health and wellbeing. Australia has a great history of immunology research, including two Nobel Prize winners Frank MacFarlane Burnet and Peter Doherty and continues to produce world leaders in immunology. Melbourne is a key research hub with many research institutes exploring all areas of the immune system. What better way to celebrate International Day of Immunology than seeing three of Melbourne’s best scientists speak on various immunological topics, including transplantation and HIV/AIDS. This event aims to strengthen public awareness of the importance of the immune system.


1. Dr Glen Westall, the Lung Transplant Service, Alfred Hospital.
2. Professor Sharon Lewin, Alfred Hospital, Monash University and Burnet Institute.
3. Professor Jim McCluskey, Department of Immunology and Microbiology, University of Melbourne.

This will be followed by a Q and A session and refreshments.