String theory stems from Albert Einstein’s legacy; it combines the theory of general relativity and quantum mechanics by assuming the multiverse of universes. String field theory then uses the mathematics of fields to put it all into perspectives. Dr Kaku’s goal is to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into one ‘unified field theory’, a theory that seeks to summarise all fundamental laws of the universe in one simple equation.

Think Inc. is bringing Dr Kaku to Australia this June in order to further their objective: to promote rational thought and smart discussions through a platform that is both educational and entertaining. Since 2011, Think Inc. has been celebrating science and challenging traditions.

In his first Australian public discussion, Dr. Michio Kaku will enthral and entertain Melbourne audiences in his 90 minute talk with a 60 minute fire-side chat and another 30 minutes of public Q&A. What audiences will come away with is an enlightened, fresh new perspective on the physical world as we know it, grounded fully in what is currently the leading revolutionary field of science from one of the most brilliant big thinkers of our time.

Events also in Brisbane and Sydney!