We found the Higgs boson!
But so many questions still remain . . .

What is dark matter and WHY is there so much of it?

The particle accelerator that was used to find the HB is getting a total upgrade and when it reopens it will have the capacity to operate at double the energy.

A NEW linear collider is in planning – what will this discover?
We’re entering New Physics, and we want YOU to tell us what it will look like.

The Collision competition and gallery is your opportunity to imagine…

Comic artists, visual artists, short film makers, animators and creatives of all types are encouraged to submit your artworks to the Collision website. From the entries submitted to the website, a selection of the multimedia entries will be picked by judges for inclusion in a digital media exhibition.

Entries close 2 August 2013.

Visit our website to learn more and check out the submission guidelines.

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