Presented by Free Range Science

In 1961 an ambitious young psychologist named Stanley Milgram embarked on one of the most controversial yet fascinating psychological experiments ever conducted. Milgram wanted to find out just how obedient regular people were to authority figures. His idea – conduct an experiment in which volunteers would ask questions to another test subject, and then with the encouragement of an authoritarian scientist, apply electric shocks of increasing intensity in response to incorrect answers.

Free Range Science brings together Melbourne writer, broadcaster and psychologist Gina Perry and medical ethicist Justin Oakley to discuss the Milgram experiment – what was it and what does it tell us about human nature? But was this also a case of science going too far? This event will be hosted by Lynne Malcolm, host of ABC Radio’s All in the Mind.

Perry has long researched the Milgram Experiment, and 2012 sees the release of another work on the subject, “Behind the shock machine”.

Gina Perry (psychologist, broadcaster and writer)
Justin Oakley (ethicist, Monash University)
Lynne Malcolm (host of ABC Radio All in the Mind)

Saturday 5 May