An opportunity for communities to share, discuss and learn together with scientists of all kinds

  • to provide an opportunity for communities to discuss and debate issues of interest and concern to them with Victorian or visiting International scientists who can explain the relevant science
  • to support school neighbourhoods, families and community groups to develop scientific knowledge and understanding
  • to provide a format for engagement with our scientists and researchers where stories and experiences are shared and acknowledged
  • to give scientists and researchers a chance to share the excitement and challenges of their work with the general public.

Requests for assistance may or may not include funding - resources will be allocated according to resource gaps - some communities will have easy access to venues, but need to subsidise costs for people attending, others will need to hire a venue but be able to get help with advertising their event. Please note: we are unable to subsidise catering costs. The initiative will also support the scientist's institution with costs such as transport and accommodation. This is a small grant program, with an expectation that most events will require amounts of $500-$2000 and all of which are one-off pilot events, to be held any time of the year.

Any Victorian local councils, incorporated community groups, sporting clubs, business groups and education institutions are eligible to apply for event support and funding. School events will only be supported if parents and/or other community groups are included. Events must provide an opportunity for informal discussion among small groups of participants, within the framework of a 'hospitality' event such as a lunch, dinner, or morning tea. Smaller family events may also be considered where they provide the potential to attract media coverage and regional events will be favoured.

Funding applications will be approved through the National Science Week Victorian Coordinating Committee with funds administered through its account with CSIRO Education and only events which happen in National Science Week will need to be registered on that site. There is no closing date for proposals, applications will be supported based on how they fit the eligibility criteria and whether we have resources available to us to help you make it happen. Expect a decision or further contact within 2 weeks. Successful applicants will be expected to supply photos and evaluations of their event for documenting on this site and to cooperate with any media action.

Please review the resources available:

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