Sunday, the 8th of August was an exciting day for all involved in the YSA Annual Amazing Race, especially the organisers. The long hours spent preparing for the event paid off when we saw fifty people assembled under the Flinders’ Street Clocks ready to race. Team members ran, jumped, puzzled, cheated and even tasted all over the CBD as part of their challenges, which included an eating challenge, a balloon-popping challenge and a Giant Sudoku at Federation Square, as well as tricky science questions in between. In the meantime, the organisers were caught in a race of their own. They had to get five shopping baskets worth of dips, chips and assorted confectionery from the Coles at Melbourne Central to the finish line at the Alexandra Gardens before the teams arrived. Luckily we succeeded, and the day ended with a trophy presentation and a late lunch. National Science Week T-shirts were also handed out to all that participated. It was a lot of fun and will definitely be running again next year!