Performed directly in-schools, Rock Me Galileo takes students on a wild ride through the discoveries of Galileo – the father of modern science!

In an hilarious combo of pop songs and comic sketches take an exhilarating trip through the breakthroughs and theories of a man whose view of the world - that it revolved around the sun - made him a revolutionary of his day and shaped the future to come.

Telescopes, parabolas, heliocentrism, the moons of Jupiter – his ideas that rocked the world will rock your students as they also discover the major importance of Australian Astronomy on the world stage. Celebrate National Science Week by partying with one of its major Stars!

Areas of learning: Galileo, astronomy, telescopes, parabolas, heliocentrism, Earth science, the solar system. Curriculum coverage: Science, Maths, The Humanities, The Arts. This production incorporates the National Statement of Learning for Science.