Last year over 200 school students and interested members of the community met NASA astronaut Dr. Megan McArthur. In May 2009 Megan traveled into space and participated in the fifth and final servicing mission for the Hubble Space Telescope. She was responsible for the operation of the robotic arm which captured the Hubble Space Telescope, holding it steady until repairs were complete.

Megan spoke at this free National Science Week event about her life as an astronaut and NASA’s plans for the future.

A group of students and their families at Tallygaroopna PS invited an astronomer to lunch with them. They were thrilled to welcome their international guest Dr Megan McArthur to lunch and ask her about working for NASA.

Why not email us to find out who is visiting Victoria when you would like to run your science event - you too may find a NASA astronaut coming to lunch!