The way we make sense of the world has dramatically altered in recent years due to the vast amounts of scientific data produced to comprehend changing environmental conditions. The conceptual challenge presented within this exhibition focuses on four central questions: how has science changed the way we view nature? How has this heightened ecological awareness changed our world view? How do contemporary artists through craft and design communicate ideas of such complex magnitude? How can craft materials be used in innovative ways to discuss ethereal constructs of nature such as the ozone and species decline?

Works for the exhibition have been collaborated on with scientists from Monash Micro Imaging, Monash Centre for Astrophysics, NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory, EOS Satellite Data. Data has also been sourced from UN FAO, IUCN, Australian Antarctic Data Centre, Global Invasive Species data base and Climate Change in the Polar Regions, John Turner and Gareth J. Marshall, 2011.